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Join us on The Law of Relevancy as we welcome Andrew “Andy” Wilson, President & CEO of Quiet Professionals, LLC. As a leading provider of government and commercial defense services, Quiet Professionals specializes in a wide array of solutions to ensure mission success while emphasizing enhanced decision-making dominance in the global power landscape.

Andy is a distinguished combat-decorated retired Sergeant Major of the United States Army. His 20-year career saw him serving as a Senior Special Forces Non-commissioned Officer. With over 11 years of executive leadership under his belt, Andy has demonstrated success in various roles and multiple small business startups. His unwavering focus is always on the triumph of any new venture he undertakes.

Tune in as Andy and Cordes dive into Andy’s entrepreneurial pursuits, explore PTSD in the military and law enforcement realms, and discuss his contributions to Quiet Professionals and Scion Analytics.